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Welcome to the Western New Castle Republican Committee website!  The WNCRC consists of the 13th, 18th, 19th, 21st, 22nd, 23rd, 24th, 25th and 26th Representative Districts.  We encompass the Bear, Brookside, Christiana, Elsmere, Hockessin, Greater Newark, Newport, and Pike Creek areas.  We believe in promoting the ideals of Freedom, Liberty and Opportunity across the state and specifically in our region.

All comments and correspondence should be sent to the Region Chairman Peter Kratofilow and addressed to: P.O. Box 9314   Newark  DE  19714.

Morning in America is Back!

The ‘Morning in America fundraiser is back!  We were compelled to postpone our annual “Morning in America” fundraiser brunch to October 2nd 2021. 

We are ecstatic to have Erick Erickson with us. He is a nationally known, conservative radio talk show host and blogger. 

Our annual silent auction is up and running! Use the link below to get your bids in before it is too late. 




Western New Castle Region Meeting in Person!

The COVID-19 restrictions have been lifted, we will return to “in-person” meetings at the Chambers Memorial Hall of the Millcreek Volunteer Fire Company. 

The address is 3900 Kirkwood Highway, Wilmington 19808.  That is the older building, NOT the newer one at 3808 Kirkwood.  Parking is available in the rear of the building.  We will continue to meet on the LAST MONDAY of each month, starting at 7:00 P.M.  Please join us and bring a friend! 

We are excited to be having Jason Stewart, head of the Kent county GOP with us. Jason has been leading Kent county to success and wants to bring that energy here to New Castle County.  You will not want to miss this meeting. 

Making Delaware A better Place

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We are a multi-generational, multicultural organization that provides the structure and support for political activists to learn, engage and flourish.

the strength of our nation lies with the individual and that each persons dignity, freedom, ability, and responsibility must be honored

We should preserve our national strength and pride while working to extend peace, freedom, and human rights throughout the world.

The proper role of government is to provide for the people only those critical functions that cannot be performed by the individuals or private organizations.

In equal rights, equal justice, and equal opportunity for all, regardless of race, creed, sex, age, or disability.